Best Battle Royale Games Like Pubg For Android in 2019

Battle Royale games are the New Beginning in Android Gaming world. Games like pubg are preferred By more People Than Any other game. After the launch of pubg many similar games like pubg are developed by others developer but There is no competition. No game can stand in front of pubg because it gives experience of real battle. So from my point of view Pubg will be always on no.1 but If you want other battle Royale games then here is the list.


Top 10 Battle Royale Games Like Pubg For Android

  1. Call Of Duty
  2. Fortnite
  3. Rules Of Survival
  4. Knives Out-No rules Just Fight
  5. Garena Free Fire-Anniversary
  6. Cyber Hunter
  7. creative Destruction
  8. Cross Fire:Legends
  9. Hopeless land :Fight For Survival
  10. Survival Squad

Call of Duty


Call Of Duty is Developed by Tencent Games Who also developed Pubg.Now you can imagine how much better this game is going to be. But it is only Released in Australia and Canada. By Watching Gameplay on youtube we can Say it will Get million Download soon on the day it will released. Now Preregistration Is started For Upcoming download. Go fast and register yourself to Enjoy the Game.

Call of Duty is a serious addiction. you can easily addict from this game

Developed By: Tencent Games

Pre Registration link



Fortnite is the only battle Royale Game which gives Tough Competition to PUBG. Fornite was released in 2017.After its release Fornite got so much popularity in its very First year and approximately got 125 million users in less than a year. 

In 2019 You can play this game in three different modes Fortnite:Save the world , Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative. But this game is not available on play store. You can download game file from the given link below.

Fortnite Download

Rules Of Survival


Rules Of survival has new map of 8×8 Km similar to Pubg. Game starts with 300 players in which last mans stand wins. Most of the Features are Same like pubg game Even better then Pubg.It has Revive system and Super Weapons and Game zone shrink regularly till the end of game. It is developed By NetEase Games.

Developed By: NetEase games

Game size:2.3 Gb

Download From Play Store

Knives out-No rules Just Fightknives-out-game-like-pubg

Knives out-No Rules Just Fight is one of the best android game, As you can see in Title of this game there is no rule. There You Can Play 50 v 50 Debut in which there will be two team. Each team will have 50 members and both team will fight against each other. The Team Which have more surviving members at last will win. It has unique and different concept  From others Game like Pubg.

Developed By : NetEase Games

Download From Play store

Garena Free Fire

Free-Fire-game-like-pubgGarena Free Fire is the Best alternative Of pubg If You Don’t have High Perfomance android device. It Has amazing graphics and weapons according to size. It starts with 50 players with smaller map than pubg. 10 minutes battle with others players will give you real feel of battle Royale game. You can also communicate with other members between gameplay. This Game Runs on almost every device in market. So if you don’t Have any high end smartphone Then Go For this game.


Download From Play Store

Cyber Hunter


If we are talking about best battle Royale Games then we can’t miss Cyber Hunter developed by NetEase. We all know that NetEase games are how much better than others. Cyber hunter is based on modern technology in which players have some superpower. This is sandbox game with hd graphics.

Developed by: NetEase Games

Download From Play Store

Creative Destruction


Again Game of NetEase in the list.Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival battle royale game like pubg.This game is almost same as pubg. Like Pubg Game starts with 100 players matchWhich spread on map Fights for 20 minutes and the last man who survive in this battle wins the game.  Last man alive wins the Game.You can Play Solo or with Full Squad as per your choice. Personally i like weapons and vehicles of this game which are almost real Even better then Any battle Royale Game.Weather and time system is the best Feature of this game.   

Developed by: NetEase Games

Download From Play Store

Cross Fire:Legends 

crossfire-game-like-pubgCrossfire:Legends Game is developed By Tencent Games who also Developed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG).It was previously played on pc but now it is released for mobile device. It has different modes like mutant mode, Tdm,  BR Mode. In Br mode you can play Battle Royale game can choose solo, duo or squad mode according to your interest. In Tdm mode you have to kill required number of enemies in given time limit. In mutant mode you can play like pc version on mobile in which all players will divide in two Groups human and mutant to kill each other.

Developed by : Tencent Games

Download From Play Store

Hopeless land: fight For survival


This game is also for those people who don’t have low end device with less ram. Game size is only 346 mb but don’t think developers compromised with features because this game has almost same features like pubg game. Game has great features with less size. 

 You will like this game if you want to fight with maximum number of players as this game allows 121 players to fight in single match. You can fly Helicopter and have great experience of air to land fight. You will fall in love with this game.

Developed by: HK Hero Entertainment

Download From Play Store

Survival Squad

game-like-pubgYou can play Survival squad in low end device with minimum requirements. Surviavl Squad is also a battle Royale game like pubg. It is just a simple game with small file size of 290 Mb. FInally i will say that choose game according to your device. Play and Enjoy

Developed By:Shenzhen Bingchuan Network

Download From Play Store

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